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R.G. Murphy, LLC

Fenwick Island Bulkhead, Marine Contractors and Pier Building

R.G. Murphy, LLC's Logo

Fenwick Island Bulkhead, Marine Contractors and Pier Building

Fenwick Island Bulkhead, Marine Contractors and Pier Building
Fenwick Island Bulkhead, Marine Contractors and Pier Building
Fenwick Island Bulkhead, Marine Contractors and Pier Building

Located in Bishopville serving Fenwick Island and surrounding areas

What we are about

Innovation. Integrity. Quality.

Here at R.G. Murphy, LLC, we do things a little differently. Combining years of professional expertise, a dedication to hard work, and a commitment to innovation, we’ve established ourselves as a local leader in Fenwick Island. When people hear the name R.G. Murphy, LLC, they hear quality. They hear integrity. They hear proven results, top-tier service, and outstanding products. We put our hearts into everything we do. It’s this authenticity that, day in day out, drives us to improve our services. And it’s this authenticity that has helped us build lasting relationships in Fenwick Island and beyond.

Working on the water for over 2 decades. R.G. Murphy, LLC is owned by Ryan Murphy who has spent a lifetime living and working in Bishopville, MD. From docks and piers to boat lifts and shorelines, his dedication has built him a dedicated following and great reputation in the community and the surrounding areas.

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Docks, Piers and Bulkheads

We offer a wide variety of materials and construction specifications to customize your dock or pier to fit your individual needs and budget.

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Boat Lifts and Jet Skis Lifts

There will always be days that you want to stay on the water forever, but that should be your own decision, not your boat lift’s.

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Boat Ramps

There are as many types of boat ramps as there drops of water in the ocean. It’s lucky, then, that you never have to make the decision alone!

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Rip Rap

Protect your piece of shoreline from erosion damage. Rip rap creates an effective, easily repairable protection system against erosion.

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Looking to add on to your pier, or maybe a new boat lift?

Even if you haven’t decided to take the plunge yet, there’s never any harm in getting more information. Give us a call today to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate.

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You deserve the very best in services, experience, and dedication.

Don’t settle for anything less, Ryan Murphy’s spent over 20 years working on the water building an unmatched reputation.

It’s far more than idle chatter – call today and see the experience at work for yourself.

Over 20 Years of Experience.

The water is like your second home! Help us take care of it.

Soft Shoreline installations and Geoweb boat ramps offer new and innovative solutions to help protect the shores we love so much.

Try out one of these great advancements in marine construction today – you will love it!

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